Greetings, Miscellaneous Notes, and Prayer Request


HeartAndCrossDear Readers,

Greetings in the Lord! I am currently updating and re-organizing my materials for the class in April. Despite being busy, I can see in my mind a group of people, who love the Lord and who have given their lives to serve Him, coming to a class to study the Word so very seriously and deeply. It will be another humbling experience for me to be able to serve the Lord through serving them.

My writing here will slow down a little, but I thought I would take some time to say a personal hi to my readers. Whoever or wherever you are, may the blessings of our Lord be with you!

I would also like to explain a few things about my recent posts or videos:

About Advertisements on Youtube videos

Some might have noticed that advertisements appear with my videos. I did not enable any advertisement on my videos, but it turns out that the creator of the background music can put advertisements on my videos even though I have used the music legally. This came as a surprise to me. Unfortunately I cannot undo the music as it was already merged with the voice/narration.

The advertisement itself should not cause too much practical problem because viewers can always turn it off. The reason for my explanation, however, is because I don’t want to give an impression that I am trying to monetize on my videos. All my Christian works over the years have been done as part of my serving the Lord and have not been motivated by any financial gain. Even my overseas teaching trips have been completely self-funded and I have never asked for any financial support.

Well, this seems like a long explanation for a small advertisement, but I think it is better over-explained than being misunderstood. 🙂

Status on Book Review program

I have enough number of subscribers to enter a book review program, but I have not written long enough to join the program yet. I have also found that the way book review programs work is different from what I thought, so at this point book review is perhaps not that useful in expanding my book collection, but when the time comes, I am still going to join some programs as I believe book review is a good thing. I myself has benefitted from others’ reviews. Thank you for your support as subscribers. I hope you do stay as subscribers though, regardless of the book review program.

Writings on Ephesians

After chapter 3, the book of Ephesians is moving into more practical teachings instead of being relatively more theological or doctrinal as in chapters 1 to 3. When we talk about applications, we have to think about biblical situations and our situations, and sometimes examples will be given, so this might be a good time for me to say that any resemblance to real persons, organizations, groups, or churches, is purely coincidental.

My experience in the past reminded me that sometimes some might see resemblance to certain situation and thought I was using my writing to criticize others. I have no intent to criticize anyone. Besides, I have about 40 years of Church experience in different countries to draw lessons from that it would be foolish and unwise of me to draw examples from people I recently interacted and risk offending, or worse yet, hurting them.

Teaching Ministry

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Again, may our Lord be with you! Since I will be away on Easter, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter now. May the suffering and death of our Lord still touch us as freshly as when we first believed. May the joy of His resurrection still excite us and His love continue to compel us to live for Him (2 Cor 2:14-15).

To God be all glory!


Yours in Christ,


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