Ephesians: Receiving the Letter


Scripture: Ephesians 1:1-2 (text at the bottom of the post)

Imagine you live in the city of Ephesus, you are a member of the Church in Ephesus,1 and you know Apostle Paul. He came to Ephesus many years ago and started the church you currently attend. He stayed with your church for a while but then left to visit other churches and to preach the gospel in other cities. Later he came back and stayed longer. For over 3 years, he taught you and the church many things about God and Jesus Christ. Then because of his concerns for other churches and his burden for spreading the gospel, he left again. Continue reading

Ephesians: Introducing


I have not mistakenly written “introduction” as “introducing.” In Bible studies, especially in commentaries, “introduction” refers to introductory materials to a book, such as author, dating, structure, background, genre, outline, etc. Those are not what I will be talking about in this post. Rather, I am introducing my approach to book study. Specifically, I will talk about the difficulty of introducing introductory materials and how we might do it differently. Continue reading



The first post is always difficult to write as I don’t know who will be reading. No doubt the first audience will be brothers and sisters and friends I have known in the past, now in different parts of the world. Greetings to all of you in the Lord! It is nice to be connected with you this way. I trust that the Lord has been with you all these years. May he continue to be with us in the years to come! Continue reading